TVB Responds to ANA & Forrester Study

Immediately following my previous post I was forwarded a TVB E-Alert releasing the following information:

“Dear TVB Member:

You may have seen this morning in the trades that a recent survey by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research says 62% of marketers believe TV is less effective since 2006.

We have responded with a statement to key reporters that we respectfully disagree and that in fact, “more people than ever are watching, and they are watching on bigger and better sets, often in high definition. A good TV spot today has the best chance it’s ever had to connect and persuade.”

The full ANA/Forrester findings will be unveiled at the ANA’s “TV & Everything Video Forum” on Feb. 28. TVB President Chris Rohrs is already scheduled to speak at that forum, and he intends to take the opportunity to articulate our industry’s point of view about this survey.


Gary Belis, VP – Communications, TVB”

TV’s ready to defend! Let me know – how many Super Bowl ads did you watch this year? Last year?