“Internet Advertising Revenues Top $21 Billion In ’07, Reaching Record High”

IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) have release their 2007 Internet Advertising Report.

Major metrics include:

  • “For the full year 2007, revenues totaled $21.2 billion, exceeding 2006 performance by 26 %, itself the former record year.
  • Q4 2007 Internet advertising revenues hit $5.9 billion, representing historic revenues for a single quarter and a 24% increase over the same period in 2006.
  • This is the fourth consecutive year and 13th consecutive quarter of record results.”

The data seems to follow wider technology trends, and slight steps away from old-form advertising tatctics, opting instead for Seach and Performance deals.

No huge surprise, Classifieds took another turn for the worse.

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