I Am My Favorite Filter

While anthropology fans debate the effect of Twitter on the U.S. Election, and PubCon attendees try to visualize Web 3.0, social media fans everywhere realize the simplest of truths with every share. The technology of the internet and mobile connectivity allows us the global, and now immediate response, but it is still the personal relationships that power relationships.

I am a geek, constantly wired and admittedly one of the social media addicts that the mainstream media is beginning to take notice of, but it is still the human connections that keep me refreshing the page.

As my circle grows wider, I find opportunities to get to know people who amaze me and educate me, but are familiar to me. We all share something. For each piece of information channeled through them, it is affected by me. Together we decide what is information; what is important. That is the new power of the internet.

I’d like to leave this post of by thanking all of my new friends on FriendFeed and Twitter. Please continue to enlighten me and entertain me. Thank you.

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