“Google Trends Comes To Web Sites: Trends For Web Sites”

Rustybrick woke me up out of my Friday Zone with some interesting breaking news today: Google Trends is now open out of the Labs for web sites.

This is very cool info for those of us looking for some numbers out of our markets.

Some features include:

  • Geographics, visit trends, and search terms of searchers
  • A “Search Volume Index” with line chart
  • “Also Visited” sites, highlighting direct competition
  • The ability to search more than one site at a time, in other words, comparing competitor data

The site is accessible without the personalization, but logging in with your Google Account also allows you to export the trend data as a .csv.

The data is culled from the pool of information Google has been collecting through an opt in in it’s Analytics program, consumer panel data, and market research, so it should more closely resemble true trends than similar online products like Alexa, which collect data from a limited pool of toolbar users.

For additional information, Read the Product Help Doc, , or check out the Webmaster Central Blog announcement.

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