Google Claims Answer to Video Moentization With Video ID

In the latest Google Blog post, the search engine is claiming to have solved the video monetization puzzle that has been plaguing the advertising industry.

In the post, Google claims that, through its implementation of its Video ID service, they have been able to not only identify, but also allow copyright holders to capitalize on infringement.

According to Google:

our partners are choosing the [to monetize], monetizing 90% of all claims created through Video ID. This has led directly to a similarly significant increase in monetizable partner inventory, as our Video ID partners are seeing claimed content more than double their number of views, against which we can run ads. This means that if a partner has, say, 10,000 views of its content, leaving up videos claimed by our system will lead to an average additional 10,000 views of that same content. We call this “partner uplift,” and for some partners we’ve seen uplift as high as 9000%.”

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